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The Benefits Of Self-Storage For Your Medical and Pharma Supplies

Hospitals are doing it. Why shouldn’t you? 

Whatever healthcare or medical field you may be in, you are most likely always on-the-go, picking up different marketing, medical tools and materials in between your deliveries and meetings. Is your garage packed with boxes, causing you to park in the street? Are you tired of opening the closet to see that it’s packed to the ceiling? Is your car filled with important documents and materials, giving you anxiety every time you leave it in a public space? 

The reality is that no matter what your specific medical or pharmaceutical role may be, the things you use will accumulate over time. The unnecessary clutter makes it difficult to sort and access what’s needed and leave no space for supplies you need in the future.

How Self-Storage Can Benefit You

Whether you are constantly moving, working from home, or in a small office space, self-storage can give you the extra space for accessing, or better organizing, your medical supplies. Self-storage is not only secure, many offer climate-controlled units perfect for preserving sensitive equipment, samples files, documents and marketing material. 

Security For Your Supplies

It’s always risky leaving important valuables in a place that is accessible to those around you. For example, if you are currently storing your medical or pharmaceutical supplies at home, no matter how many steps you take to ensure the security of those items, there is still the possibility that they can be accessed by your family members or friends. Children, for example, no matter what age, are curious, wanting to open every cabinet and break every lock you may put into place. 

If you are constantly on-the-go, you may find it easiest to store your materials in your vehicle. Although this may be convenient, it is not safe, as you never know when a car break-in could happen. Many people also have access to your vehicle, whether it is your family, friends, children, or people you carpool with for work. Even if have taken grave precautions to ensure your car is impenetrable, your car storage just isn’t the safest place to store or organize your supplies and documents that are vital to your job.

Self-storage offers the safety you need to feel comfortable and ensures the protection of your important materials, tools, and supplies. 

The following are examples of how self-storage can provide that security for you:

  • Access controlled by computerized security gates
  • Around-the-clock video monitoring
  • Security lighting
  • On-premise resident managers
  • Climate-controlled spaces at select locations

Climate Control You Can Count On

As a medical or pharmaceutical professional, the materials or items you are storing are most likely climate sensitive, meaning they should not be exposed to harsh elements, like rain, extreme heat or cold, etc. 

Your materials may require a specific temperature to make sure they remain functionable and in their best shape. Here are some examples of things you may be storing that should be kept away from unstable climate environments, dust, mold, and humidity:

  • Files or records
  • Gloves, glasses, gowns, etc.
  • Walking aids or wheel chairs
  • Pharmaceutical samples
  • Marketing materials

The weather is constantly changing from season to season and even day to day, so ensuring that your valuables for work are in a constant, moderate temperature is nearly impossible if you are storing your items in your vehicle, home or an outdoor space such as a garage. Although you can control the temperature in your home, you never know when your thermostat may need a reboot or someone may leave a window open on an extremely hot or cold day, exposing your supplies to the elements. An unexpected flood may occur, or really anything related to the environment they’re in including dust can lead to damage.

Each self-storage unit is climate-controlled, circulating air and regulating the temperature inside from a centralized location. This gives you the power to control the climate in which you store your items. Your unit is only accessible by you, and there are no windows which adds a layer of protection from dust, bugs, pests and other things detrimental to your materials. 

Self-storage units come in a range of sizes, giving you the space you need to hold all of the supplies you currently need, store records or supplies from the past, or start stockpiling materials for the future. 

An ample amount of storage space is beneficial in many ways:

  • Stockpile and prepare for the future
  • Reduce your overall spending by purchasing items in bulk
  • Store more files and materials from the past, present, or future you may need
  • Hold onto materials you may not be currently using but will need in the next season or in the future

The Organization You Need

When your materials are unorganized, stacked to the roof of your closet, garage, or car, it can be difficult to sort through things and find what you need in a short amount of time. Not only that, but opening the door to see clutter or piles of boxes and materials is stressful and not the most efficient or easiest way to access what you need. 

No matter how many materials you are wanting to store, Self-storage can give you more than enough space to sort and organize everything. You can finally put your documents and folders in a filing cabinet or organize your tools and materials based upon what they are. 

We all organize things differently, but no matter how you choose to lay out and separate your materials, having a system you can rely on is crucial to the health of your personal and work life on a day to day basis. Not only does organization help reduce the stress you may feel from any chaos in your life, but it also helps decrease any anxious or overwhelming feelings you may have due to a busy schedule, a lack of time, or a pile of clutter you need to access or sort through at a moment’s notice. 

By maintaining an organized work space, you can facilitate a work environment that gives you the peace of mind you need to reach your objectives and goals in a simple, clear manner. 

Personal Space That’s Actually Personal

By moving your work materials to a storage unit, you can finally open up that closet, garage, bedroom, or car space you have been using. Once your work materials are in a safe, work-designated space, you can use the space you have in your home for your personal items, such as seasonal decorations, extra clothes or shoes, cleaning materials, and more. You can even give your car it’s garage back.

Removing your work essentials from your living space will give you the leisure and opportunity you need so you can work towards decluttering and organizing your personal things, which is just as important as organizing your workspace. Separate your work materials from your personal life and get the comfort and peace you deserve in both aspects of your life.

An Easy Transition and Move

Key Storage provides specialized services and offers the essential equipment you need to make your move-in as easy as possible:

  • Carts
  • Common areas with plenty of preparation space
  • Loading bays or large doors for access
  • Packing / storage materials
  • Elevators

Don’t Settle. Get the Very Best Storage Has to Offer with Key Storage

At Key Storage, we offer the very best in storage. Not only will you appreciate the cleanliness of our facilities and personalized service from our team of experts who are ready and eager to help you through the entire process of reserving a unit that fits your needs and your budget, but you will find the peace of mind you need to de-clutter, organize, and easily access the materials you need for your day to day. Search for a location near you.