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Self-Storage Is Good For Business

Any time seasons changes or holidays roll in, new inventory arrives. It can be difficult for businesses to decide what to do with the old before they showcase the new. Self-storage is not just for cluttered homes, but businesses who just need a little more space to hold their products as they rotate throughout the year.  That’s “taking care of business.”

When a warehouse is too big, self-storage offers a variety of unit sizes that can fit your needs. We have units as large as 10’x30’, which is about the size of an oversized, one-car garage. But size is not everything. A business will want to find a place with great lighting, security, and climate control to keep their inventory in the best condition possible.


Self-storage allows for room to grow

The number one reason that businesses aren’t able to expand is due to lack of space. That’s where a storage unit can benefit your company. Moving unnecessary items to a storage unit creates more room for new products. Items you might need include:

  • Seasonal Inventory
  • Equipment
  • Signage
  • Office supplies and furniture

Businesses of all types can use self-storage. We have provided safe and secure units for plumbers, electricians, retail stores, technology companies, bakeries, moving companies, and so much more.

It’s important that businesses remain stress-free when it comes to storage.

Investing in a storage unit will not only give you more space to keep the business going but also peace of mind. Uncluttered businesses create a great atmosphere for your employees and customers.

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