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Everything You Need To Know About Packing Part 1

Moving day is a big day for you. It’s a day that we hope you’ve been planning for some time. Necessary items like a packing list, materials list, what rooms are packed first, where will extra be stored that won’t be making the trip, etc. Sounds stressful, but it’s a reality. The team at Key Storage excels is helping to remove the stress of moving by providing the materials to pack and the space for the extras.

Through the years we’ve picked up a few things that many don’t consider when moving. Packing may seem pretty straightforward, but there’s a lot more to packing that you may know.

Box it up!

Whether you’re moving one room, several, or an entire house, it’s important to have what you need when you need it. Now some may just randomly guess what they need and then realize they need more and make multiple trips to pick up more supplies, but that’s not efficient. Our team can provide strong estimates based on our years of experience to help you get the right number of boxes.

Size will vary if you have an apartment or a home, but these estimates are close to accurate. The benefit if choosing to get your supplies from Key Storage is that any unopened and unused items you’ve purchased can be returned.

These estimates are based on an average set up. If you like to keep things…you know who you are… then plan for a little extra. We would also seriously recommend you reconsider taking all that “extra” with you and consider looking for a safe and secure storage unit to keep those treasures of yours safe and your home clutter-free.

Packing supplies

Now that you’ve got boxes just how much tape and other packing materials will you need? We’ve got the answer for you!

For every ten boxes you have, you’ll need at least one roll of tape. That may seem like a lot of tape, but it will be important to make sure your boxes remain sealed on top, and that when they are moved they don’t open from the bottom.

For the kitchen you’ll need at least two or three of our dish protection kits, we also sell kits to protect your Crystal too! Depending on how much breakable items you have in your kitchen you may need more, but typically, two to three is enough.

If you’re interested in seeing a breakdown of other materials you might need, we recommend you take a look at the moving calculator at Moving.com. Most of the materials they recommend we can provide for you.

Remember, moving is an experience as you leave the old behind, and look to a new future ahead. Whether it’s a new apartment, a new home, or moving to a new city, it’s always a new beginning. Let our team help you reduce the stress and provide the storage and materials you need when you need it!