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Storing things for Fall

In some places, the weather is cooling, and fall is moving in. With a new season comes the need for stashing away the old and bringing new life into your space. If you’re keeping all the old in boxes in your home or stacked in your garage it’s time to rethink your plan. Seriously, your poor car wants a home.

Here’s a handy guide to help you get started.


Time to put away those swimsuits and update your closet with key fall essentials. As you fold away summer clothes, be sure to create a list for future reference. You’ll want to know exactly where you put your favorite t-shirt.

• Summer shirts
• Swimsuits
• Shorts
• Shoes

This is also a great opportunity to donate any clothes that doesn’t make the cut anymore. You can send your unwanted items to your nearest charity that accepts donations.


Home décor can set the tone for the entire season. It’s also one of the things that can bring families together as you recount the memories behind each item.

• Picture frames
• Figurines
• Wall hangings

Take advantage and reduce clutter by tossing any decorations that aren’t in great shape.

Here are more tips to get your holiday decorations in order. (LINK TO HOLIDAY DECORATION POST)

Sports Gear

Sporting items can take up a lot of space and if they aren’t being used it may be best to store them for next season.

• Uniforms
• Equipment
• Shoes

Seasonal Patio/Outdoor Decorations

As the weather cools down, you’re less likely to use that outdoor patio furniture. Clear some space and store it to prevent any damage. This will also help extend the lifespan of your outdoor items.

• Patio furniture
• Swimming pool
• Bar-be-que pits
• Gardening tools

Reorganizing your home can be an important time to balance what needs to be updated and rediscovering items that are irreplaceable.

At AAA-Key Mini Storage / Key Storage, we make it possible to enjoy your home without the headache of sacrificing storage. We hope these tips will have you enjoying the crisp breeze once it arrives.

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