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Find The Self-Storage Unit That Fits Your Needs

Self-storage needs vary from person to person. Some may need it to store the belongings of a departed family member until things can be sorted through. Others need it because their home has become cluttered with things they can’t part with. 

There are a lot of self-storage companies out there, and it’s important to find the best one before you’re ready to make the move. Before you commit, be aware of these common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Packing incorrectly 

This is probably the most common of all the mistakes. If you want to ensure that your belongings are safely stored, then don’t just toss them in a box. Be aware of fragile memories and wrap them up properly. Invest in packing supplies that will help take care of your books, digital media, records, and furnishings so they’ll stay in top condition.

Bad storage habits

If you’ve packed carelessly, then you’ve likely just tossed your boxes into your unit without a plan. Here are a couple of tips. Managing the weight of your boxes while you’re packing will ensure even weight distribution, making them easier to move. Put items you won’t need in the back of your unit, to make room up front for boxes with items that you’ll want to access most frequently. Also be sure that heavier, larger boxes are on the bottom to prevent boxes from falling over and causing injury, or collapsing and causing damage to the rest of your stuff.

No climate control – Many self-storage companies offer climate-controlled units that you should take advantage of. Without climate control, drastic seasonal changes that occur where you live that could easily affect temperature-sensitive items kept in storage long-term. For example, extreme cold or heat waves can warp, or make items brittle as temperatures fluctuate.  

Only focusing on price – While the cost of a self-storage unit is important, it’s vital that you consider other factors such as security, ease of access, customer service, and other amenities that are included in the price. Sometimes the lowest price does not offer the highest of standards. Always do your research.

Choosing the wrong size – It’s not unusual to reserve a unit that’s either too big or too small. Then you’re left with unused space or not enough space for all of your belongings. It’s important to trust the storage experts. Many of them will know, based on what you’re storing, what you’ll need. Let them guide you.

Finding the right self-storage unit

It’s important that the self-storage company you choose offers a wide variety of unit sizes. This ensures the flexibility of growing and reducing as needed. 

At Key Storage, you’ll find the following unit sizes available at our locations.

5’x5′             10’x15’

5’x10′           10’x20’

5’x15′           10’x25′

10’x10′       10’x30′

To help you, our storage experts have created a video to showcase the types of things you can store inside each unit. For example, a 5×5 is great for a closet-sized storage need, a 10×10 is good for a single bedroom’s storage, and a 10×20 is perfect if you’re looking for something the size of a garage. 

You can see the different sizes and what can be stored by viewing our unit options prior to visiting any of our locations.

A bonus about each of our self-storage units is that we have high ceilings. How high? All of 9ft. So when you store with us, make sure you use up every bit of that space by stacking them high. 

Visit any of our Key Storage locations and speak to one of our storage experts. Not only can they help you find the right unit for you, but they can also provide you the supplies you need to safely pack and store all of your belongings.