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Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

From time to time, we may all need a little elbow room. When we do, we often turn to the garage, or a space around our home like the basement, closet, or spare bedroom but if those things you’ve packed away are of any value to you, then you’ll want to store them where they’ll be protected. A climate-controlled unit not only allows you to properly organize your possessions, it protects them from the elements that cause damage.

The benefits of climate-control

Elements that cause damage include humidity, due to fluctuations in temperature, other contributing factors are dust and pests. With a climate-controlled unit, the temperature is regulated from one central point, preventing fluctuations that create moisture or condensation which then leads to mold, mildew, and even rust. A climate-controlled unit also increases air quality by circulating air which is a major line of defense against dust, rodents or pests, and are more common in outdoor units, and cluttered spaces, like a garage or basement.

Climate-Control for what’s important

Before you store, take inventory of all your temperature-sensitive items, and note which ones are likeliest to be damaged by either high or low temperatures, condensation, dust, and pests. Dust and humidity can wreak havoc on fabric, and upholstered items, causing them to become mildewed. Include any wood, veneer, or leather items in your inventory since exposure to these elements can make them warp, crack, or chip. Gears in electronics and mechanical equipment can become damaged as well either from rust or dust collecting on rotating parts. Once you know which of your things are considered “sensitive”, then ask yourself, “Do I need a climate-controlled storage unit?” If they’re worth preserving, then the answer is yes. 

Climate-controlled storage for families:

  • Upholstered furniture, fabrics
  • Wood, leather furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Records, paperwork, files
  • Electronics, equipment
  • Musical instruments, vinyl records 
  • Books, magazines

Extra protection for business storage

Business owners often ask themselves the same question: “What things need climate-controlled storage?” Climate-controlled storage benefits business owners in many ways. Any business asset is worth protecting. If it has resale value, you’ll need a climate-controlled unit. Businesses are likelier to have temperature-sensitive items than any of us. They may choose to store business records or files filled with paperwork, and even inventory. Climate-controlled storage reduces the risk of damage, ensuring all the essentials are kept in their best shape.

Climate-controlled storage for business:  

  • Business furniture (wood, leather, upholstered)
  • Equipment, tools, and supplies
  • Records, paperwork, files
  • Electronics
  • Merchandise inventory
  • Fixtures, cabinets

(Remember, we do not recommend storing valuables like jewelry, or foods and chemicals. Always remember to pack properly by wrapping items in the proper packing materials, keep items off the floor by using a wooden pallet, visit your unit regularly, and keep it clean.)

Climate-control is the answer to getting the added protection for all the things that are of value to your home, and business. You’ll reduce the worry while gaining the elbow room. When it’s time for self-storage, visit to learn more, and find a location near you.