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Are Self-Storage Units Secure?

Whether you’re moving into a new home, spring cleaning, or have important files from your business or family taking up space, self-storage provides that extra room you need to keep from being completely overwhelmed by the lack of space. Most importantly, your valuables will be safely stored using a range of professional security features provided by your storage facility.  When you drive away, rest assured that in addition to all the measures you’ve taken, the facility has the most important layers of security in place.

The Security of Your Unit

The security of your storage unit depends upon two things: the security measures provided by the storage company and of course, the care you take as well. Here are a few things storage facilities typically provide to ensure your items are as secure as possible.  

What’s Up to You

Think carefully about what you are putting into your unit. Is it of intrinsic value? Can it easily be replaced, if something happened? With these sorts of things in mind, how much insurance coverage will you need? 

Property Insurance is a crucial part of your role in protecting your belongings. Make sure the storage facility offers the best insurance option for you. Remember that your peace of mind is an important guiding voice. 

Purchase the best lock you can afford.  

Keep track of your things with an inventory list.  

 Don’t share your access pin to the gate or unit with anyone.  

Choosing the Right Facility

Remember, convenience and price are not the only things that matter when choosing the right self-storage unit. Security will be an important factor in deciding which facility to use. Plan on spending a few minutes discussing security with the manager when you visit their facility and ask to see the unit before you make a reservation. Make note of the number of surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the unit, test the lighting in the hallways and check the parking lot to ensure there is lighting.

Reach Out
Visit any of our Key Storage locations and speak to one of our storage experts about the security of our units. Not only can they provide you with all the relevant information, but can answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the security of your belongings.