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4 Storage Tips for Military Members

Those who protect our country are probably the people who are most on the move. Whether it’s a deployment, a transfer, or just a place to hold everything you had to come back to one day when you’re done serving, it’s vital that you have the confidence that your stuff is protected and safe.

In many cases it’s not just the lone military member, but the military family that sacrifices the comfort of living in one location for an extended period of time, but instead, moves along with the military member and starts over in a new place with new surroundings. While this is stressful enough to deal with it, where your belongings are, and wondering if they are safe, are two things that shouldn’t be on your mind.

Having worked with a large number of military families, especially considering our headquarters is in San Antonio, TX, a military city with a long history of families coming and going, we’ve got great tips for you.

Store with climate control

If you’re storing your belongings and have no idea when you’ll return to take them out, it’s recommended that you get a climate-controlled storage because any other public storage options will see dramatic fluctuations with temperatures that may have an effect on your belongings. This provides you peace of mind during an already stressful time.

Security is key

At the top of everyone’s list should be the security of their belongings. When customers seek out self-storage, they want to know their items will be protected and secure. Some places only offer 9-5 security, but what happens the rest of those hours? You need a place that has state of the art security, a person that is on-site and watching over all of your belongings. Knowing that you selected a self-storage that has both of these is key. This provides you a sense of security.

Storing special collections

Medals, honors, or just about anything in the family collects may not always make it on the trip. When that happens, you want to know that everything will be right where you left it. Letting go is not that easy but knowing that the only person who has a key to your storage is you sets up your expectations. You are unique, an individual. Shouldn’t your storage be too? This provides you another sense of worth.

Out of this world customer service

A lot of places will throw out the “customer service” phrase, but it’s vital that you know and have a relationship with your storage facility. Would you trust your belongings with just anyone? Chances are, probably not. Let the team get to know you, and you should get to know them. This provides you a sense of community.

A-AAAKey Mini Storage/Key Storage has a long history of working with the military and our team is ready to work with you during this time. Visit any of our locations across the United States, bring in the family, and let’s start the process. It’s a real honor to serve those who serve.