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Ways To Make Room For Your Guests This Holiday Season

With the holidays come the guests visiting for the season. Be it family or friends, don’t you want them to be comfortable and relaxed during their visit? If you need to create extra space for company, we’ve got tips for you. We’ve narrowed down a few tips that’ll have you ready for all your family and friends.

Prepare the guest room – Create a cozy space by getting rid of unwanted items. You want your guests to have space to relax and unwind. Reducing clutter will instantly lift the vibrancy of the room and set the atmosphere. So take out the treadmill you never use, move those storage boxes from the bedroom and consider getting extra storage space.

Upgrade the furniture – Save space by investing in furniture that doubles as bedding and storage. Expandable couches are a great option when you need to host guests for a few days. Foldable desks and chairs can fill space when the room isn’t occupied and easily be stored away.

Storage containers – Use storage containers or boxes for excess items. You can make this a fun family activity by decorating the containers to match the room’s style. Did you know that clear storage containers are an added bonus? You can easily see what items have been stored in each bin.

Shelving – Cube shelving is one of the newest trends that takes square shelves and converts them in a unique display of your personal items. If you prefer to keep your belongings hidden, you can camouflage your storage cubes with fabrics or textures that go with the room.

We hope this list has provided you with lots of great ideas. Need more storage advice to keep the holidays stress free? Stop by any of our locations and speak to our team.