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Nov 01
Everything You Need To Know About Packing Part 1

Moving day is a big day for you. It’s a day that we hope you’ve been planning for some time. Necessary items like a packing list, materials list, what rooms are packed first, where will extra be stored that won’t be making the trip, etc. Sounds stressful, but it’s a reality. The team at Key […]

Aug 13
4 Ways to Maximize Dorm Space

Summer break is coming to an end and students everywhere are dreading their return to school. As a parent of a college student, you’re probably having mixed feelings. The happiness of them moving onto bigger and better things, paired with the sadness of seeing them leave the house and start to make their way in […]

Jul 09
Get Your Camping Gear Out of Storage and Explore

It’s true that going camping can be as much work as it is fun. However, if you plan ahead and if your gear is organized, you will reduce the amount of work for yourself. For campers, their equipment is a treasure and caring for it will extend the life of the products. It’s time to […]