We all have that one drawer, that one closet, even that one room, in our house that is the catch all. Need a highlighter? It’s in the drawer. Looking for an old pair of shoes? It’s in the junk closet. Looking for a piece of mail? It’s in the stack of papers moved to the spare bedroom when guests came over. Places we think are out of sight tend to collect the things we don’t need.This becomes especially dangerous for those who work from home. A cluttered home office makes it difficult to get things done, yet the market for working from home is growing.The top industries seeing more work from home teams are: Healthcare Education Sales Information Technology Administrative Benefits of a home office Having a home office is perfect for those in positions that require it, and in the long run, could be extremely beneficial in certain stages of life. It can significantly lower expenses compared to a leased office space, saving money that can be reinvested or saved for a rainy day. Working for yourself and having access to a home office increases your availability and is more convenient for you as you set your appointments.Imagine a world where you didn’t have to fight morning traffic. The environmental benefits alone could be worth it; no commute, no emissions, you control the temperature, and you can fully decorate however you like. Additionally, time saved from battling traffic is time you can spend with family and friends. Of course, having a home office will truly test your discipline. Can you be as productive as you are in an actual office? A home office, just like any other office, should be organized, clutter-free, and a reflection of who you are as a professional. A messy office can impact: Quality of work Your health Client relationships Productivity Clear the clutter If you’re at the point where you’re needing to organize your home office, then chances are you’ve collected a lot of clutter. What about those souvenirs your friends brought you from their travels, way too ...

March 11th, 2021



Spring cleaning can be good for the soul for many reasons. It’s an opportunity to clear some space and rid yourself of items that don’t serve a purpose anymore. Doctors even believe that it’s good for your health. Still not convinced? Here are six things you can learn when you spring clean. You learn what’s important When you clean your space, you begin to see which items really matter to you. Some things that used to be important might not have the same meaning anymore. After all, everything has a expiration date. If you have things that you just want to hold onto, then perhaps a self-storage unit you can trust would be the best place to preserve it while you’re not using it. How to give back Spring cleaning is an excellent time to donate unused items. Articles of clothing that are in good condition can be given to local shelters. Many organizations are always in need of books, toys, shoes, jackets, winter coats and more. There’s always someone who could use the things that you aren’t using any longer.  Cleaning can freshen up a space Thinking of rearranging your furniture? You’ll need to make some space first. Spring cleaning can give you more options on how you want to organize your living room. Sketch how you would like your room to look and plan from there. Sometimes something as simple as a rearrangement can change the entire feel of your space. Cleaning reduces stress For many, cleaning is considered to be a form of therapy. It makes you feel productive and allows you to have a tidier living space. It’s been proven that cleaner living areas increase productivity and reduce stress.  Why it’s good for your health Dust can be found everywhere in the home. Think about it. When was the last time you dusted your shelves? Cleaning reminds you how often dust and other types of pet dander float in the air you breathe. Eliminating those allergens will allow you to consume cleaner air and improve your ...

March 7th, 2021



It’s true that going camping can be as much work as it is fun. However, if you plan ahead and if your gear is organized, you will reduce the amount of work for yourself. For campers, their equipment is a treasure and caring for it will extend the life of the products. It’s time to pull your camping treasures out of storage and get to exploring. Before you go camping, make a list of all the essentials you will need. If you go camping often, keep this list handy for the next time. Tent(s) Sleeping bags Pillows Stove and fuel Cooking supplies Food and water Flashlights First Aid Kit Ponchos Blankets As you pull your gear out of storage, inspect each item to make sure things are still in tact. Check for damage in sleeping bags, tents, and cooking utensils. Check and replace any missing items from the first aid kit. Check gadgets for batteries. If you didn’t remove the batteries from flashlights, headlamps, etc., you may find corrosion. It is better to find this and replace it before you head out to your campsite. Wash everything before you leave. It’s a great idea to wash your camping dishes and utensils before you leave. If you can’t remember if you washed your sleeping bags before you stored them away, wash and dry those, too. This is another reason why you will want to plan ahead. Drying sleeping bags thoroughly will take time. You absolutely do not want to start your adventure with a damp sleeping bag. Pack for your adventure wisely. Group your items together and pack them in containers as such. Label the bins, bags, or boxes that you pack them in as you load them in your vehicle. All of your sleeping, exploring, eating items will be together and easy to identify. TIP: Pack your tent last. The most important thing about camping is to enjoy your adventure! Fresh air and connecting to nature is one of the most rewarding way to spend a weekend away. Once you return, take the time to store your ...

February 28th, 2021



For many, doing home renovations in the Fall or Winter is just not possible, especially in areas where temperatures dip into bone chilling zones. It seems that the busiest time for home renovations is the summer. It’s this time that ideas are put to the test, homes are expanded, and homeowners get one step closer to their ideal home. Renovations are always exciting, but it’s the preparation and process that most wish they could skip. Too often, homeowners are cramming their belongings into spare rooms and garages, living areas are compromised while the renovations are ongoing. Through all of this, there’s stress, discomfort, and general unhappiness as your home now looks like a warzone.If you’re thinking that it won’t be an issue, you might want to rethink what you do with all of your belongings after reading this. Chances are you’re about to renovate any of the following areas: Garage Many homeowners take the time to power wash their garage, especially after a year of a car being parked in there. Taking out the oil, tires marks, etc., makes the floor look like new. While the garage is empty, most home owners will take the time to paint the walls, install shelves and general upkeep before they bring their belongings back in. More often than not, as they refill their garage they realize some items should just remain in storage because the extra space is appreciated and it feels less cluttered. Bathroom More and more homeowners are expanding their bathrooms which means that bedrooms become battle grounds as people try to live around the demolition. Instead of living through the stress, removing your items keeps it clutter free, and in many cases gets the job done quicker. Laying new plumbing, new cabinetry, larger shower, his and her sinks … can you imagine it? Bedrooms Additional bedrooms take another large percentage of home renovations. As families grow, as parents return to live with their sons or daughters, additional bedrooms become invaluable. Storing home furniture during this process ...

February 27th, 2021



Seeing your kid head off into the world is bittersweet. You’ve worked your entire life to get them to this point, but now you are going to miss their every waking moment in the home with you. Nevertheless, as they move on with their life, you will move on with yours. Many empty nesters find themselves at a loss on what to do with the extra space in their homes. We’ve got some ideas for you. Transformations and reclamations of space do not happen overnight. It will take time to think, plan, and finally identify what you will need to buy. Then, you will need to find a storage facility you can trust with all the memories you’ll need to store. 5 Room Ideas For Empty Nesters: Reading Room – It’s not surprising that after living as long as you have, you’ve likely collected a large number of books and periodicals that you’d like to keep, but never had a place to display them. It’s time to dust those boxes off in the garage and create a reading room in your new space and give yourself a relaxing space to retire to when the day is ending. Craft Room – Hobbyists rejoice. You’ve waited a long time for a place that you can store your materials while still keeping up the hobby you love. Now you have a space to call your own. Guest Bedroom – Not a major transformation, but now that the kids are out of the house you can take down the Kayne posters, and turn the room into a general guest bedroom with your touch and taste. So, whether your kids come back home for a visit, or you have other family from out of town, they have someone to sleep. Gym – Once you’ve put all the bedroom furniture into storage it’s time to turn that room into your own personal gym. Pick up a treadmill, a stationary bike, some weights and you have no excuse not to keep yourself ...

February 24th, 2021



As the holiday season comes to an end, what are you going to do with all of your decorations? Imagine pulling them out next year and knowing where each item is. It will help you decorate more efficiently and will lessen stress. Plus, you don’t want them to get damaged before next year. We have a few tips to store your holiday decorations. Take a picture Take a picture of your decorations so next year you will remember how you decorated your home. Additional tip, print and attach those photos to the outside of your containers as labels. Use labels If you don’t want to use the photos as labels, use anything thing that works best for you. Color-coded sticky labels, tags, and painters tape are great to work with. Create a year-round gift central If you really love to elaborately wrap gifts, consider creating a gift central station in you home. If you have the space, use a small closet to set this up or a corner in your bedroom. Use clear containers This helps when you begin to look for something specific next year. Think resealable plastic bags, take out containers, and plastic egg or apple containers. Save these items and then use them to store ornaments or other small decorations. Wrap those lights One of the worst decorating experiences is untangling strings of lights. Wrap those strings of lights around squares of cardboard or around coffee cans or water bottles. Hang your wreathes Hang your wreathes on a wall hook in your storage space. This will prevent them from being smushed inside a box. If you have the door space, use the door hanger on the back of that door. Cover them with fabric or plastic to prevent them getting dusty. Get creative storing that tree Artificial trees are great options to decorate for the holidays but the boxes can be so large. Toss the box and wrap the tree in bed sheets. Use old belts or string to tie it up and store it. Keep Inventory You will forget what you have ...

February 13th, 2021



Consistency in organizing important papers all year long is not easy. If you haven’t been keeping your records organized all year long, don’t worry. You aren’t alone. We have a few tips for you to get organized before the end of the year. Once the new year comes around, tax season is right around the corner. Create a convenient storage space Your convenient storage space could be in your home, your car, or anywhere you work. Ideally, you could have one storage box or bin just to gather all the banking statements, expense forms, receipts, etc., in one place. Common ways to keep these are in manila folders or envelopes. Depending on your style of organization, this can be as detailed as you prefer. The idea is to have one place to collect documents as you go and then group them together at least once a month. Group documents by how you file Once a month, gather all of your documents from your convenient storage space and group them as you would file your taxes. Depending on how many documents you have and anticipate, these could all stay in your home storage box or in an accordion folder. Use last year’s return as a guide. Common groups would be income, expenses, and business/tax documents. At the end of the year, all of your documents will be filed and grouped and ready for you to prepare for tax season saving you time and energy. Keep important documents safe You should keep your tax returns forever and keep them in safe place. However, you only need to keep supporting documents for seven years. In addition to those documents, you will want to keep other important documents safe such as wills, insurance policies, mortgage documents and property bills. Keep these in plastic sleeves in a home safe or storage area to help prevent any damage. This storage area should be different from your convenient storage space mentioned above. In addition, consider making copies of all of your important documents ...

February 12th, 2021



You’ve raised your kids, they’ve made you proud, and now the time has finally come – you are now an empty nester! This bittersweet moment may leave you a bit confused because you’ve always had someone around. There’s also a sense of freedom to do things you couldn’t do before because of your responsibilities as a parent. The transition can be hard, but you also don’t want to erase the memories of their adolescent years. This is where our self-storage units can help save the day! Transition Ideas For Empty Nesters If you’re thinking of altering one of your extra bedrooms from a room for your kids to a room that is more functional for you, we can help. We can help provide the moving packing supplies you need for self-storage without the guilt of selling or trashing your kids’ favorite things. This could be a fun activity to do together as you can revisit old memories of your favorite albums, stuffed album, or even old t-shirts that they used to wear. Anything they want from what you’ve packed they can take, but now you just need to find our list of self-storage locations and pick the one closest to you. It’s important that you find a reliable and secure self-storage supplier that values your treasures as much as you do. Our team of storage professionals can help you show you the right mini storage sizes for you based on what you are storing. Extra beds, TV’s, and boxes of old clothes are likely some of the items you’ll be storing. Climate controlled units can keep all of those items safe and sound, no matter what the weather is like outside. Self Storage Offers More Than You Think We are the difference in the self-storage industry. Our on-site team is ready to help make your transition into this new phase of your life a little bit easier. We offer a number of ways to make moving as painless as possible. We can help you pack those ...

February 8th, 2021