While summer may linger in many states, most areas will start the transition from high heat to cooler temperatures in the coming weeks and months as we move into fall. For many, thoughts of fall are reminders of pumpkin-flavored everything, candles, fireplaces, and being outdoors to name a few. It’s also a time when many homes replace some of their décor’s softer colors of summer, with the warmer colors of fall. The aim is to make every room as inviting as the next. Don’t be afraid to make a statement about who you are by adding a few clear-cut, statement pieces to make the seasonal transition complete.  We’ve had the opportunity to talk to many of our customers and they’ve shared some of their top decorating tips for Fall.  Fall decorating tips for your home It’s all about the color Take advantage of the cooler weather and roll up your sleeves and paint some walls, or get someone to paint them for you. Introducing new colors to the walls and fabrics can make the whole room feel like a different place. Review the color palette below and choose your favorite fall colors then find two or three complementary colors to help bring it together. The Benjamin Moore site shares the top year-round color trends for 2019. Any of these colors mixed across the room can make your room feel timeless. Which colors do you like? Bring in natural elements Bringing in mossy greens and wood grains can help establish a seasonal theme. Visit small towns in your area where artisans often live and keep an eye out for their handcrafts. Pieces can be as big or as little as you want. Having them accent the room on shelves, tables, and floor can create statement pieces will get the conversation going. Explore what you might already have in the garage or storage that you can breathe new life into.  Get the most from your decorations When decorating your new space, consider the longevity of those decorations. Having decorations that can be ...

March 10th, 2021



Summer approaches, and in many cases parents will be seeing their child leave for college. This leaves parents home, alone, in a place once filled with running around, yelling, loud music, and fights over the bathroom. There’s definitely a sense of loss as the transition is made, but it doesn’t mean it needs to be all bad. Reclaiming the spaces once occupied by kids is one of the top things couples think about as this time gets closer. It’s time to take down the music posters, the random pieces of “art” that they tacked to the wall, and find a place for the stuff they couldn’t take with them. Once that is done, you’ve got a blank canvas to work with. Here are 4 upgrades empty nesters make with the spare bedrooms they reclaim after their kids go to college. Guest Room – While not necessarily exciting, you may want to keep the bedroom a bedroom, minus all the angst-driven teen decorations. You’ll want to create a peaceful space where guests can come and stay and feel at home. With the other furniture in storage, you can restore life to the room with a new bed, new bedside tables, curtains, maybe even a fresh coat of paint.  Crafts DIY Room – Into quilting? Building? Maybe you’ve always wanted to, but didn’t have the space? Now you can. Having an entire room to explore a hobby can be exciting and really get those creative juices going. A new desk or table, hobby materials, new tools, and wall organizers can inspire and motivate your creativity. You can make this a reality once you’ve stored all the stuff previously in this room. Exercise Room – Forget traveling to the gym. Wake up and walk one room over to your new home gym. Think treadmill, stationary bike, weights, maybe an elliptical, you name it. No membership fees, no fighting with other gym members, no fear of awkward stares, just you, your home, and your gym. Now you can get ...

March 8th, 2021



Self-storage is a great idea when you have personal items you don’t want to store in your home or in your garage. By finding a safe and secure self storage unit for those items, you’ll have an uncluttered home ( that you can truly spend time enjoying. Television has countless home decorating and DIY shows to give you the ideas and inspiration to do great things with your spaces. So when was the last time you did something to breathe new life into your home? If your walls could talk what would they say? If they’re screaming for a change then it might be time to reassess your decor and furniture situation. Below are some simple solutions to get your space ready for the new year. Paint with all the colors of the wind A fresh coat of paint can liven up any room. Pick a tone that reflects the mood you want to set for the new year. Bright, vibrant tones can create a positive energy in your life while neutral tones will add a calming effect to the space. If you’re trying to make a certain area pop, then paint a wall an accent color that highlights the room’s best features. A “bedder” situation Furniture goes through a lot of wear and tear. Think about your chairs, your couches, even your bed. It’s best to update your chairs and couches every few years. If you’re on a tight budget you might want to slowly purchase furniture and buy one piece at a time. Think of unique ways to mix and match styles, colors, and layout. There’s so much you can do and so many places you can draw inspiration from. Wall decor Replacing old wall decor can rejuvenate a space. Something that may have looked great a few years ago may not have the same charm it once had. Update your walls with family vacation photos or maybe new artwork. Repurposing items can be a cheap alternative and you’ll add homemade works of art to your collection. ...

March 4th, 2021



Summer break is coming to an end and students everywhere are dreading their return to school. As a parent of a college student, you’re probably having mixed feelings. The happiness of them moving onto bigger and better things, paired with the sadness of seeing them leave the house and start to make their way in the world. It’s a cycle we see every year, and trust us when we say, we understand and we’re here for you. Chances are, your kid wants to take everything with them…literally…everything. The reality is, they can’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you get them organized to get the most from their new dorm space. So before you start saying “no” to all the things they want to take, let us help you, so they can take more of what reminds them of home while they are away. Tips to maximize space in the dorm room Bed storage – The area under the bed is there for more than sliding empty pizza boxes or shoving a mess into when people come to visit. Organize shoes, seasonal clothes, or even hobby materials under the bed in bins, bags, or boxes. Once everything has a place, it doesn’t need to clutter or be shoved somewhere that would otherwise make the room feel crowded. Hooks – Keeps things off the floor. With the limited square footage in a room it’s important to clear all falling hazards and instead find a way to get things off the floor. Hooks are great for bags of all kinds, and serve as a great way to free up closet space from bulkier items like jackets and hats. Isn’t it time to get the hook up? Literally… Bed caddy – The funny thing about dorm spaces is that they’re a step above a hospital room, but a step down from a hotel room. So, while they may have the basics, there are some items they just won’t have. For example, instead of filling the space up with ...

March 2nd, 2021